I have always been very interested in the Natural World. My interest in wildlife was catalysed by reading the wonderful books by Gerald Durrell. I started travelling abroad to watch and photograph wildlife in 1984 when I spent ten weeks in East Africa and was able to visit most of the National parks in Kenya.


My primary interest is in mammals and mammal behaviour but I'm also interested in Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies. I am always keen to learn about all aspects of wildlife and conservation. Whale watching is a particularly favourite pastime and I have been very fortunate to see cetaceans all over the world with some very exciting encounters. Having been so fortunate in being able to travel widely, I am very keen to share my experiences with others and help people to become more aware of conservation issues.


Since then, I have travelled to Africa many times visiting National Parks and Reserves in South, South West and East Africa including Ethiopia and Madagascar.


There have also been visits in search of wildlife to Canada, Scotland, Brazil, New Zealand, The Falkland Islands, The Azores, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Poland, Norway, Spain, Svalbard (Spitzbergen), Baffin Island (Arctic Canada) The Galapagos Islands, South Georgia (where the picture above was taken, - by Jonathan Scott), Antarctica, Argentina & Chile, Costa Rica and Borneo.


A visit to Scotland in March 2020 for a wildlife holiday with Iolo Williams as guide  was a great success and I planned several visits to Scotland for 2022. The trip to Shetland (with Mike Dilger) was a great success but I had to cancel Mull because I contracted Covid 19. I have booked now for 2023 with Nick Baker)  The planned visit to my favourite African country (Botswana) in 2020 was postponed until  2022 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and I am recently back from there. Do look at my blog to see a story about my encounter with a tarantula spider!


During the lockdown, I was able to take many photographs on flora and fauna on "The Downs" here in Bristol and various Nature Reserves in Somerset and Gloucestershire (see news).


I was very fortunate to have been able to attend the Wildlife Worldwide Festival of Wildlife on six occasions (so far!) and I have booked to attend another in 2021. At these events, I have joined master classes from wildlife photographers Jonathan Scott, Mark Carwardine, Nick Garbutt and Suzie Eszterhas. The Festivals have also included lectures on animal behaviour and wildlife conservation.


I have also attended a week long photography course on the Isle of Mull with Chris Mattison and Nick Garbutt and another is planned for 2022.


My trips to Antarctica and the Arctic have been with Naturetrek, Exodus (photographic charters)or Mark Carwardine. During these trips, there were opportunities to learn much about photography from Mark himself, landscape photographer Joe Cornish as well as two of best wildlife photographers in the business - Chris Packham and Paul Goldstein.


Recent exhibitions of my wildlife photographs have included the Crypt Gallery of St George's in Bristol and Christchurch, Clifton and The Mall Deli in Clifton Village.